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July 2021
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Two types of restarts exist:
  • Automatic
  • User-initiated

Automatic Restarts

When a software or hardware failure occurs, the Teradata system automatically attempts to bring itself back up into an operational state. This type of restart results in an automatic execution of a Teradata system recovery operation. As part of the restart processing, the Teradata system saves the error codes that were generated, reloads Teradata system software, and enables logons.

User-Initiated Restarts

Manual restarts are activated by the user. Users can initiate a restart from any of the hardware switches or by one of the following methods:
  • Issue the RESTART command. For information on the RESTART command, see Vproc Manager (vprocmanager).
  • At the system command line, type the following command:

    tpareset comment-string

    where comment-string briefly describes the reason for the restart.