17.10 - Startup/Restart Messages - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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Advanced SQL Engine
Teradata Database
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July 2021
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At startup, messages are displayed to report the startup progress and the Teradata system status. This report includes some recovery process messages as shown below:

H005 Control AMP 001-2

98/02/06  11:35:31  Running DBS Version:
98/02/06  11:35:31  Running PDE Version:
98/02/06  11:35:32  Current DBS config maps are synchronized (Version: 11)
98/02/06  11:35:32  New DBS config maps are synchronized (Version: 11)
98/02/06  11:35:32  AMP 0000 has been selected as the Control AMP
98/02/06  11:35:33  Initializing DBS Vprocs
98/02/06  11:35:36  Configuration is operational
98/02/06  11:35:36  Starting AMP partitions
98/02/06  11:35:40  Connection accepted
98/02/06  11:36:02  Voting for transaction recovery
98/02/06  11:36:05  Recovery session 1 contains 77 rows on AMP 0000
98/02/06  11:36:16  Starting transaction recovery
98/02/06  11:36:18  Completed transaction recovery
98/02/06  11:36:18  Starting PE partitions
98/02/06  11:37:03  System is operational
98/02/06  11:37:05  Users are logged on
98/02/06  11:37:05  Logons are enabled

The following table lists and explains these and other messages.

Message #... Means...
1 - AMP mmmm in cluster nnn is back online
the specified AMP which was offline is now back online.
2 - AMP mmmm is in offline catchup
the AMP is in offline catchup mode.
3 - AMP mmmm is in online catchup
the AMP is in online catchup mode.
4 - AMP mmmm not brought online for the following reason(s):
one of the following:
  • Changed row journal count of ZZ,ZZZ,ZZ9 exceeds 3000 rows.
  • At least one “long” running ordered journal record remains.
  • At least one HUT lock might exist in the cluster.
  • At least one two-phase-commit transaction is in doubt.
5 - Completed transaction recovery
Transaction Recovery for online AMPs is compete.
6 - Recovering down AMPs
the recovery process is updating tables on AMPs that are in offline catchup.
If there was no down AMP in catchup recovery mode, this message is not displayed.
7 - Recovery session 1 contains 103 rows on AMP 0001
that AMP 0001 has the largest number of rows in the transient journal for the given recovery session. Other AMPs probably have a similar or less rows for the same recovery session. The count reflects how many rows were in the transient journal at the time of the Teradata system restart. It does not necessarily mean a rollback action has to be performed for each row.
8 - Starting transaction recovery
transaction recovery has started on online AMPs.
9 - Startup will wait for recovery to complete
the user initiated a COLDWAIT restart.
10 - Voting for transaction recovery
the application software is determining if there were any incomplete transactions left from the previous operation. Voting is a process by which each AMP examines the transactions that were in process. Any uncompleted transaction will have to be rolled back.