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July 2021
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The utility described is not available for as-a-service customers.

The TPA Reset utility, tpareset, resetsAdvanced SQL Engine. All PDE tasks except for some kernel daemons are killed. All database processes, including those for AMPs and PEs, are stopped and restarted. TPA Reset options control whether dump information is collected, whether the node on which tpareset is run is rebooted, and whether the system remains down or restarts.

TPA Reset can be used:

  • after Advanced SQL Engine has been reconfigured
  • to activate new versions of Advanced SQL Engine software
  • to recover from a database hang
  • in other situations that warrant a full database shutdown and restart

Use TPA Reset only when absolutely necessary. TPA Reset has a system-wide effect. Shutting down the system and restarting not only causes system down time, but can also have a performance impact when the system starts up and runs standard recovery and reconcile operations.