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Advanced SQL Engine
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July 2021
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Normally, Table Rebuild is run interactively, as a foreground process started from a Database Window application window. Output from the program is directed to the window. Optionally, Table Rebuild can be run as a background process. Output from the program is logged to a special table, rather than being displayed on screen. All background rebuild operations continue to run to completion, even after Table Rebuild is quit. For more information, see the LOG INTO option described for REBUILD AMP and REBUILD AMP FALLBACK TABLES.

Several rebuild operations, both foreground and background rebuilds, can be run simultaneously. Up to four interactive foreground sessions can utilize the four application windows available in Database Window. Each session must rebuild tables on AMPs in different clusters.

Any number of background process rebuilds can run simultaneously, and can be launched from the same application window. Each rebuild process must rebuild tables on an AMP in different clusters.