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July 2021
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English (United States)

The BOOT command initialize and start the database partitions of an AMP. This command applies only to AMPs with VprocState of FATAL and ConfigStatus of Down.


{ BOOT | B } vprocid

Syntax Elements

The number that identifies the vproc to be rebooted. For a description of vprocIDs, see Definitions of Terms Used in Vproc Manager.

Usage Notes

The boot process asynchronously invokes the AMP startup task on the specified AMP. Vproc Manager considers the boot complete after it has invoked the AMP startup task successfully in the startup partition on the specified AMP. The AMP startup task itself determines whether the system and the AMP are in the appropriate state for a boot and logs messages to the system console.

Use this command in conjunction with Table Rebuild when you need to rebuild all tables on an AMP. For more information, see Table Rebuild (rebuild).

Example: Booting a specified AMP

The following example shows how to boot up AMP vproc #63.

Enter a command, Help, or Quit:


WARNING: This command will destroy all user and dictionary data of vproc 63’s vdisk. To recover from this may require an ALL TABLES REBUILD!
Are you sure you want to do this (Y/N)?


The AMP startup task has been successfully invoked of vproc 63.
Please refer to the system console for additional information.