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July 2021
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The INITVDISK command initializes the Teradata File System on the storage associated with a specific AMP, also known as the AMP’s vdisk. This applies only to AMPs with a VprocState of FATAL or NEWPROC. The state of the specified AMP remains unchanged.


{ INITVDISK | I } vprocid

Syntax Elements

The number that identifies the vproc to be initialized. For a description of vprocIDs, see Definitions of Terms Used in Vproc Manager.

Usage Notes

The initialization is accomplished by invoking File System Initialization Task in the Application partition on the specified AMP. InitVdisk will abort if the Application partition is in use already.

The initialization of the storage associated with a NEWPROC AMP is only relevant prior to database startup.

System startup implicitly initializes the storage for NEWPROC AMPs (if necessary).

Example: Initializing the storage associated with a specified AMP

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WARNING: This command will destroy all user and dictionary data of vproc 3’s vdisk. To recover from this may require an ALL TABLES REBUILD!
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Starting the file system initialization task on vproc 3.
The Vdisk associated with vproc 3 has been initialized.