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When working with geospatial data, it is often convenient to find the smallest rectangle or box shape that could contain a given 2D or 3D shape. Vantage includes methods and types that let you determine these "minimum bounding" shapes.

The ST_MBR() and MBB() methods on ST_Geometry return MBR and MBB types, respectively, that define these minimum bounding rectangle and box shapes. These are Teradata extensions to the SQL/MM Spatial standard.

Example: Finding the Minimum Bounding Box of Geometric Shapes

Consider the following table definition:

CREATE TABLE sample_MBRs (skey INTEGER, shape_mbr MBR);

The following SQL would obtain the MBR of each geometry in the shape column of the sample_shapes table using the ST_MBR method for ST_Geometry objects.

SELECT skey, shape.ST_MBR()
FROM sample_shapes;