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Teradata Vantage
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October 2019
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Programming Reference
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Output Table Schema

Column Data Type Description
pip_flag INTEGER 1 if point is inside polygon, 0 otherwise.
source_location_point_column Same as in SourceTable If source table has only this column: WKT content.

If source table also has source_location_point_column_2: x coordinate of point.

source_location_point_column_2 Same as in SourceTable [Column appears here only if it appears in source table.] y coordinate of point.
ref_reference_location_polygon_column Same as in ReferenceTable Polygon description.
ref_reference_location_column Same as in ReferenceTable Polygon name.
accumulate_column Same as in SourceTable [Column appears once for each specified accumulate_column.] Column copied from SourceTable.