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In the following figure, nodes represent college sophomores and edges represent the number of elective subjects that both sophomores have taken.

EigenvectorCentrality Examples Input Graph
Graph of input for examples of Machine Learning Engine function EigenvectorCentrality

The graph in the figure is represented by the Vertices and Edges tables sophomores and common_classes, respectively.

Vertices: sophomores
id name
A Allen
B Becky
C Cathy
D Darren
Edges: common_classes
startid endid electives
A B 1
A C 1
B C 1
C D 1
D A 1

SQL Call

Family is 'eigenVector' by default.

SELECT * FROM EigenvectorCentrality (
  ON sophomores AS Vertices PARTITION BY id
  ON common_classes AS Edges PARTITION BY startid
  TargetKey ('endid')
  Accumulate ('id')
  EdgeWeight ('electives')
) AS dt ORDER BY centrality DESC;


 id centrality          
 -- ------------------- 
 c   0.6494505502390958
 b  0.35224436623137406
 d   0.5283665493470611
 a  0.41829018489975667

Download a zip file of all examples and a SQL script file that creates their input tables from the attachment in the left sidebar.