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October 2019
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This example finds similar customers and recommended products for them.

Teradata recommends PSALSA for recommending products to similar users when the product line has limited pairwise history or changes frequently. An example of a product line that changes frequently is apparel, which is subject to seasons and trends.


  • Vertices: user_product_nodes, which has customer names
  • Edges: women_apparel_log, which reflects customer shopping patterns
nodeid nodename
1 Sandra
2 Susan
3 Stacie
4 Stephanie
5 Sally
6 coats
7 sweaters
8 jackets
9 blazers
10 pants
11 pajamas
Edges: women_apparel_log
username product frequency
Sally blazers 2
Sally coats 10
Sally jackets 8
Sally sweaters 9
Sandra coats 10
Sandra jackets 8
Sandra sweaters 9
Stacie pajamas 9
Stacie pants 9
Stephanie blazers 5
Stephanie jackets 4
Stephanie pajamas 7
Stephanie pants 6
Susan blazers 5
Susan jackets 2
Susan pajamas 5
Susan pants 4
Susan sweaters 4

SQL Call

This call outputs a maximum of two similar users (hub) and recommends two products (authority) for each user, using frequency of purchase as a weight factor.

  ON user_product_nodes AS Vertices PARTITION BY nodename
  ON women_apparel_log AS Edges PARTITION BY username
  SourceKey ('username')
  TargetKey ('product')
  EdgeWeight ('frequency')
  MaxHubNum (2)
  MaxAuthorityNum (2)
  TeleportProb (0.15)
  RandomWalkLength (500)
) AS dt ORDER BY username, hub_score DESC, authority_score DESC;


The output shows possible recommendations, based on hub_score and authority_score. For example, the seller can recommend pajamas to Sandra and Susan because they and Sally have similar scores. The hub_score and authority_score values vary with every run.

 username  hub_username hub_score           authority_product authority_score     
 --------- ------------ ------------------- ----------------- ------------------- 
 sally     sandra       0.23255813953488372 NULL                             NULL
 sally     stephanie    0.13565891472868216 NULL                             NULL
 sally     NULL                        NULL pajamas           0.13127413127413126
 sally     NULL                        NULL pants             0.12355212355212356
 sandra    sally                      0.212 NULL                             NULL
 sandra    stephanie                  0.152 NULL                             NULL
 sandra    NULL                        NULL pajamas                         0.144
 sandra    NULL                        NULL pants                           0.136
 stacie    stephanie     0.1984732824427481 NULL                             NULL
 stacie    sally        0.17557251908396945 NULL                             NULL
 stacie    NULL                        NULL jackets            0.1482889733840304
 stacie    NULL                        NULL sweaters          0.13307984790874525
 stephanie sally        0.18253968253968253 NULL                             NULL
 stephanie susan         0.1746031746031746 NULL                             NULL
 stephanie NULL                        NULL coats             0.13043478260869565
 stephanie NULL                        NULL sweaters          0.12648221343873517
 susan     stephanie    0.17120622568093385 NULL                             NULL
 susan     stacie       0.16731517509727625 NULL                             NULL
 susan     NULL                        NULL coats             0.09689922480620156

Download a zip file of all examples and a SQL script file that creates their input tables from the attachment in the left sidebar.