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Teradata Vantage™ - Machine Learning Engine Analytic Function Reference

Teradata Vantage
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October 2019
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Programming Reference
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The Machine Learning Engine (ML Engine) is a capability of Teradata Vantage that provides a suite of machine learning analytic functions to perform analytics on your full dataset. It supports use cases that require training the model with full dataset, without giving up end-to-end performance of an analytic workload.

ML Engine uses SQL-MapReduce and Collaborative Planning to enable Multi-Genre Advanced Analytics™. It is designed to work with a combination of structured, multi-structured and unstructured data (for example, text, numerical, tabular, files, CLOB, and BLOB data types) to perform Path and Pattern, Text, Machine Learning, Graph analytics in the same workload.

ML Engine includes two engines:

Engine Description
Machine Learning engine Provides more than 100 pre-built analytic functions for Path, Pattern, Statistical, and Text analytics to solve a range of business problems.
Graph engine Provides a set of functions that discover relationships between people, products, and processes within a network.