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The only library that Teradata Scoring SDK needs is scoring.jar. You must load this jar file into your environment, and then you can invoke the Scorer like any jar library.

Here are some ways to load the library:
  • Use classpath

    While compiling a package that contains Scoring classes, add scoring.jar to the classpath.

    For example, assume that the application MyApp.java uses Scoring classes. This is the command to compile it from the command line:
    javac -cp .:path_to_scoring.jar MyApp.java

    (You can also add scoring.jar to the classpath when you compile such a package from a builder such as ant or maven.)

    This is the command to run the compiled application from the command line:
    java -cp .:path_to_scoring.jar MyApp
  • Use Eclipse

    Add scoring.jar to the Java build path of the project.

For instructions for installing and running Teradata Scoring SDK in a cloud environment, see your cloud environment documentation for running a third party jar library.