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October 2019
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Scorer logs information that is helpful for monitoring progress and for debugging. Optionally, Scorer also logs events in a separate event log file. Every day, a log file is stored with the date appended to the log file name. The log files are configured to log to a file on the local file system where Scorer runs.

Scorer supports the following logging variables as System Properties. An example that sets the system properties is in the run_examples.sh script.

Variable Default Value Description
scoring.log.mode 'INFO' Logging modes, based on org.apache.log4j.Level.
scoring.event.mode 'ERROR' Scoring modes, based on org.apache.log4j.Level.
scoring.log.dir '/tmp/scoring' Directory that contains log files for scoring. The file scoring.log stores the logging information in this directory.
scoring.event.dir '/tmp/scoring' Directory that contains event logging for scoring. The file scoring-event.log stores the event logging information in this directory.