1.1 - 8.10 - SentimentExtractor Output - Teradata Vantage

Teradata Vantage™ - Machine Learning Engine Analytic Function Reference

Teradata Vantage
Release Number
Release Date
October 2019
Content Type
Programming Reference
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English (United States)

Output Table Schema

Column Data Type Description
accumulate_column Same as in input table [Column appears once for each specified accumulate_column.] Column copied from input table.
out_content INTEGER [Column appears only for AnalysisType ('SENTENCE').] Sentence.
out_polarity VARCHAR Depends on value of out_content:
out_content out_polarity
NULL Nothing
Empty string UNKNOWN
Any other value POS (positive), NEG (negative), or NEU (neutral)
out_strength VARCHAR Strength of out_polarity:
out_polarity out_strength Strength
POS 0 Neutral
NEG 1 Higher than neutral
NEU 2 Higher than 1
Other Nothing  
out_sentiment_words VARCHAR [Column appears only when function uses dictionary model.] Sentiment words in document or sentence.