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October 2019
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Programming Reference
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[Optional] Specify the input column names for which to compute the exponential moving average.
Default behavior: The function copies every input column to the output table but does not compute any exponential moving averages.
[Optional] Specify the damping factor, a value in the range [0, 1], which represents a percentage in the range [0, 100]. For example, if alpha is 0.2, the damping factor is 20%. A higher alpha discounts older observations faster.
Default: 0.1
[Optional] Specify the number of rows to skip before calculating the exponential moving average. The function uses the arithmetic average of these rows as the initial value of the exponential moving average. The value n must be an integer.
Default: 2
[Optional] Specify whether to include the starting rows in the output table.
Default: 'false'. If you specify 'true', the output columns for the starting rows contain NULL, because their exponential moving average is undefined.