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Teradata Vantage
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October 2019
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Programming Reference
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Specify the name for the table that the function creates to store the reconstructed result. This table must not exist.
Specify the names of the InputTable columns that contain the data to transform. These columns must contain numeric values between -1e308 and 1e308. The function treats NULL as 0.
Specify the name of the InputTable column that represents the order of coefficients in each sequence (the waveletid column in the DWT output table). The column must contain a sequence of integer values that start from 1 for each sequence. If a value is missing from the sequence, the function treats the corresponding data column as 0.
[Optional] Specify the names of the InputTable partition columns, which identify the sequences. Rows with the same partition column values belong to the same sequence. If you specify multiple partition columns, the function treats the first one as the distribute key of the OutputTable and MetaTable.
The IDWT input tables are the DWT output tables. If you specify this syntax element for DWT, you must also specify it for IDWT; otherwise, the results might not make sense.
Default behavior: All rows belong to one sequence, and the function creates a distribute key column named dwt_id_random_name in both the OutputTable and MetaTable. In both tables, every cell of dwt_id_random_name has the value 1.