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October 2019
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For some predictive modeling functions, it is very important to normalize the numeric input variables; that is, to rescale them so they have a similar mean and standard deviation. If you do not normalize input variables, the effect of variables with a large magnitude or a large standard deviation may dominate the model and reduce the accuracy of its predictions.

Normalize input variables before calling the following functions:
  • Canopy
  • KMeans Functions
    • KMeans
    • KMeansPredict
  • KNN
  • Generalized Linear Model (GLM) Functions
    • GLM
    • GLMPredict_MLE
    • GLML1L2
    • GLML1L2Predict
  • Least Angle Regression (LAR) Functions
    • LAR
    • LARPredict
  • Linear Regression Functions
    • Linear Regression
    • LinRegPredict
  • Principal Component Analysis (PCA) Functions
    • PCA
    • PCAScore
  • Support Vector Machine (SVM) Functions
    • SVMSparse
    • SVMSparsePredict_MLE
    • SVMSparseSummary
    • SVMDense
    • SVMDensePredict
    • SVMDenseSummary

The MLE Scale functions are designed to make normalization easy. For an example of using Scale functions to normalize input variables, see PCA Example.