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Using NOS, the maximum payload size of a record is 16,776,192 bytes.
  • For UNICODE, that is equivalent to 8,388,096 characters.
  • For LATIN, that is equivalent to 16,776,192 characters.

The actual payload size is equivalent to the dataset individual record size.

Payload attributes for JSON objects are the names in the name:value pairs. In the example river flow data, some of the payload attributes include: datetime, Flow, Velocity, Precipitation, Temp, GageHeight.

When referring to a column name in JSON, use payload.column_name. For example, payload.datetime, payload.Flow, and so on.

Attributes may differ from one JSON object to another. JSON objects do not have to include all attributes.

For supported JSON formats, see JSON External Files.

For more details, see the Orange Book, Native Object Store: Teradata Vantage™ Advanced SQL Engine, TDN0009800.