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Advanced SQL Engine
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July 2021
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Programming Reference
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July 2021
  • NOS is enabled by default.
  • NOS supports both Google S3-compatible and native connectors. See Authentication for External Object Stores.
  • READ_NOS now supports Parquet data format.
  • SQL syntax has been simplified for NOS and all examples have been updated accordingly:
    • CREATE FOREIGN TABLE syntax is updated to include columns for each field in the CSV data instead of using a complex data type in the payload column. This eliminates the need to use dot notation and it is more efficient.
    • Authorization examples are updated to use simplified system-wide authorization model new in this release.

      Note, CREATE FUNCTION MAPPING still requires INVOKER/DEFINER, so the function mapping examples are similar to prior releases.

    • If you need information about the schema of your CSV, JSON, and Parquet data, you can use the NOSREAD_SCHEMA return type in your READ_NOS statement and the schema is detected automatically. The syntax is RETURNTYPE('NOSREAD_SCHEMA').

      For Parquet data, if you are using the FULLSCAN option continue to use NOSREAD_PARQUET_SCHEMA because FULLSCAN is not available in NOSREAD_SCHEMA; otherwise you can use NOSREAD_SCHEMA.

    • READ_NOS syntax has been simplified so that the SELECT statement does not require the READ_NOS table operator in the statement.
January 2021 Added WRITE_NOS feature.
September 2020 Google Cloud Storage is a supported external object store.