16.20 - DSA: Skip Archive Object Instead of Aborting When DUMP/RESTORE Privilege Is Not Present - Teradata Database - Teradata Vantage NewSQL Engine

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March 2019
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If a user running a Data Stream Architecture (DSA) backup/restore job does not have DUMP/RESTORE privileges for all database objects in the job, DSA aborts the job. This may cause problems because backup/restore jobs often run at night. A DBA may not have time to discover the issue and rerun the job during the nightly backup window. A new DSA job option skip_archive allows customers running a backup/restore job to skip over objects for which the user does not have privileges to back up or restore. DSA issues a warning and continues the job when it encounters a DUMP/RESTORE privilege violation.


  • Prevents loss of a backup cycle
  • Protects customer data


Users must explicitly include the skip_archive option in the XML file containing the job definition. Without this option, a DUMP/RESTORE privilege violation causes the job to abort.

Additional Information

For more information, see Teradata® DSA User Guide, B035-3150.