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March 2019
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The Teradata Debugger for Java UDF is an Eclipse plug-in that complements Teradata Studio™ and the Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse. It provides unique parallel-aware debugging capabilities suited to the Teradata Database system.


  • Supports SMP and MPP Teradata systems.
  • Supports debugging Java UDFs on running systems.
  • Supports multiple debug sessions running simultaneously.
  • Uses standard JDBC interface, no additional ports required.
  • Support debugging all types of Java external routines: scalar, aggregate, table function, table operator, and standard external stored procedures.
  • Uses standard permissions for debugging.


  • Recommended for use with Teradata Studio™ and Teradata Plug-in for Eclipse.

Additional Information

For the Installation Guide and User Guide for Teradata Debugger for Java UDF, see the Tools Downloads page for "Teradata Debugger for Java UDF" on Teradata Downloads.