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March 2019
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The Filer SCANDISK command has been improved to run more efficiently when the database is down, or when SCANDISK is run on AMPs that are in a down/FATAL state:
  • SCANDISK now performs a full cylinder read (contiguous read) for scanning PERM and WAL log data by default if run while the database is down or while scanning the file system on AMPs that are offline.
  • SCANDISK uses [W]CI preloading for all [W]CI-level scans and for local-mode [W]DB-level scans.
  • Improved FSG cache handling allows data block segments to be flushed from the cache more quickly, rather than waiting until the cache is full.


  • Better performance diagnosing and repairing file system problems when the database is not running or an AMP is offline.
  • No impact to SCANDISK when running on online AMPs.

Additional Information

For more information on the Filer SCANDISK command, see Support Utilities , B035-1180 .