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March 2019
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This feature collects and reports spool usage by session. This information is reported in MONITOR SESSION PM/API, and reported in MonitorMySessions and MonitorSession Open APIs, in the following columns: ReqHotAmpSpool and ReqHotAmpSpoolId. ReqHotAmpSpool stores the spool value of the highest utilized AMP and ReqHotAmpSpoolId provides the Vproc ID of the highest spool utilized AMP for the current request.


  • This feature allows users to track skewed spool usage by session.
  • This feature provides the ability to identify the highest shared spool usage for proxy users in trusted sessions.
  • Use this feature from Viewpoint or from a custom PM/API application, or use Open APIs for ad hoc queries.


  • For MONITOR SESSION PM/API requests, you must use monitor software version 13 to report the data described in this feature.

Additional Information

For more information, see Teradata Vantageā„¢ Application Programming Reference, B035-1090.