16.20 - DSA Enhanced Locking Management for Backups - Teradata Database - Teradata Vantage NewSQL Engine

Teradata Vantage™ NewSQL Engine Release Summary

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March 2019
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Prior to this release, a backup operation locked all objects for backup at the start of the operation. Optionally in this release, you can have the database lock only those objects that are actively in the process of being backed up, leaving the other objects available until they are being backed up.


  • Maintains availability of objects that are not actively being backed up.
  • Reduces locking duration for individual objects being backed up.
  • No impact to restore speeds.


  • Backup will be slower for jobs consisting of many small objects or jobs that include skewed objects.
  • When Enhanced Locking Management is in effect, Teradata cannot guarantee transaction consistency across multiple objects in the same backup job.
  • Objects that are dropped during the backup operation but prior to themselves being backed up are listed as having a status of SKIPPED.
  • Backup job progress may show streams working on different tables concurrently. This is an artifact of the implementation. Only one object is backed up at a time.

Additional Information

For more information about Enhanced Lock Management, see Teradata® DSA User Guide, B035-3150.