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March 2019
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Allows IT professionals to see and set the TCore value of a system. TCore measures performance potential. The TCore calculation considers the number of CPU cores available and the I/O available to each core.


  • Customers can enable additional TCores without committing to an Elastic Performance on Demand extension value.
  • Provides customers using IntelliFlex 2.1 systems with a self-service ability to adjust TCore level on-demand (for example, buy up and buy down) without requiring a database restart.
  • Increases and decreases the key components of TCore (physical cores and I/O capability) dynamically on a per-node basis to maintain the specified system-level TCore.
  • Elastic TCore capability is enabled by default on new or sysinited systems. (Optionally, this functionality can be disabled.)


  • Teradata EPOD process monitors use of Elastic TCore. Customers who use more TCore than they have purchased to date may incur additional charges as a result.
  • These functions are supported only on the Intelliflex 2.1 platform.
  • Elastic TCore functionality is disabled by default on systems upgraded from earlier versions. This feature can be enabled on these systems with an amendment to the purchase agreement that sets terms for TCore-based billing.

SQL Changes

  • SYSLIB.GetSystemTcore()
  • SYSLIB.SetSystemTcore()

Additional Information

For more information, see Teradata Vantageā„¢ SQL Functions, Expressions, and Predicates.