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March 2019
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On systems using MAPS Architecture, the AnalyzeSP procedure analyzes table sizes and current usage and recommends whether to move tables to a new map. Previously, AnalyzeSP ran only after a system expansion completed. Now customers can run AnalyzeSP before a system expansion to analyze whether tables are eligible to move into new maps.

Before the system expansion, the database administrator runs the CreateExpansionMaps procedure and enters the number of nodes and AMPs the system will have after expansion. The procedure creates three new maps and gives them temporary PreExpansionMap* names. After the system expansion, the DBA runs the procedure PostExpansionAction to rename those maps with the actual added contiguous and sparse maps so the Mover procedure can run.

This feature adds a new table TDMaps.Maps and a new view TDMaps.MapsV to store the pre-expansion maps.


  • Allows DBAs to plan table movements before the system is expanded.
  • Saves time after a system expansion.


DBAs can use this feature many times during expansion planning. No changes will be made to the database until the Mover procedure is run.

SQL Changes

New SQL procedures:
  • TDMaps.CreateExpansionMaps
  • TDMaps.PostExpansionAction

Additional Information

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  • Teradata Vantage™ SQL Operators and User-Defined Functions, B035-1210