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Teradata analytic functions analyze ordered data. Ordered data is time series data, such as clickstreams, financial transactions, and online user interactions. The following Teradata analytic functions are new for Teradata Database 16.20 Feature Update 2:

Function Description
Antiselect Returns all columns except those specified.
MovingAverage Computes average values in a series.
NGramSplitter Tokenizes (splits) an input stream and emits n multigrams, based on specified delimiter and reset parameters. Useful for sentiment analysis, topic identification, and document classification.
Pack Compresses data in multiple columns into a single packed data column.
StringSimilarity Calculates the similarity between two strings, using the specified comparison method.
Unpack Expands data from a single packed column to multiple unpacked columns.

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Teradata Vantageā„¢ - NewSQL Engine Analytic Functions, B035-1206.