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Teradata Vantage™ Release Summary

Teradata Vantage
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July 2019
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English (United States)
Issue/JIRA Description
ANLY-6882 LDA and KNNRecommender functions limited to very small data sets.
LDA InputTable size determines size of ModelTable column value_col. If any value_col cell exceeds 64 KB, you cannot use ModelTable with LDAInference or LDATopicSummary function.
KNNRecommender InputTable size determines size of WeightModelTable column weight. If any weight cell exceeds 64 KB, you cannot use WeightModelTable with KNNRecommenderPredict function.
ANLY-6954 Large KNN PartitionBlockSize value causes Java error message.

Input table for KNN function must fit in memory.

ANLY-7081 You cannot use DecisionTree function arguments OutputResponseProbDist and ResponseProbDistType with existing function mapping.
MLE-91 Deleting ML Engine, deleteaster.yml file does not delete newly added metasrv docker image from queen node. Therefore, deleting and reinstalling ML Engine multiple times results in multiple copies of metasrv docker image on queen node.
MLE-202 Core files are not generated when process fails. If an error causes PostgreSQL engine inside ML Engine queen or workers to crash, no core file is retrievable.
MLE-260 User is provisioned onto ML Engine when first accessing it through Foreign Function Execution (FFE) call. If user is subsequently dropped from NewSQL Engine, "shadow" user remains on ML Engine.
MLE-283 If user calls function with SequenceInputBy argument with empty value, resulting error message is confusing.
MLE-313 NUMERIC or NUMBER data type scale representation truncates zeros on right, causing comparison failures.

If FFE call has input table with NUMERIC or NUMBER column, function ignores scale of inserted number. For example, it inserts 3.000 as 3. Therefore, output from Foreign Function Execution (FFE) call can look different from output of same function on ML Engine.

MLE-324 Because ML Engine does not support quoted identifiers on NewSQL Engine, table and column names passed from NewSQL Engine to ML Engine functions must be lowercase.
MLE-338 Confusing error message: If user calls function with SequenceInputBy argument value that repeats table name, error message is as follows:
ForeignFunctionDataExec : MLE_ERR: relation "IMDC_Temp_sess_10021_req_
6_0_1" already exists ()
MLE-751 Creating tables and enabling QLM/SLM on TDAP must be part of field installation. Teradata Customer Support, not customer, must create tables and enable QLM/SLM on Teradata® NewSQL Engine. Instructions are in Teradata Vantage™ User Guide, B700-4002.
MLE-1899 Execution of analytics-platform-install.rpm on TPA nodes in Vantage fails in script /opt/teradata/InstallAsterUDF/install.bteq if password for dbc account is set to nondefault value.
MLE-2146 Intermittent error occurs when there is not enough system resource to read or write a file.