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Teradata Vantage™ Release Summary

Teradata Vantage
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July 2019
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English (United States)
Issue/JIRA Description Workaround, if any
ANLY-6855 DecisionTree and AdaBoost functions sometimes generate no rows for model table. Several situations can cause DecisionTree and AdaBoost functions to generate no rows for model table. For example:
  • Data set has large skew.
  • Every row in data set has NULL value.
  • MinNodeSize value is too large.
ANLY-6958 If an error message exceeds 256 characters, it is truncated to 256 characters. None.
ANLY-7955 Argument names from versions prior to AA7.00 are no longer supported. None. If existing queries use argument names that have not been included in user documentation since AA 6.21, rewrite these queries using more recent argument names.
ANLY-8244 For KNN function, automatic tuning of PartitionBlockSize might not be optimal. Manually tune value of PartitionBlockSize.
ANLY-8929 Classification functions do not support class names that differ only by case. For example, functions may treat classes named "DeKalb" and "Dekalb" as one class. Distinguish class names by more than case.
MLE-750 User-defined function whose first output column has unbounded VARCHAR type causes CREATE TABLE AS (CTAS) statement to fail. Create table either without primary index or with primary index on different column.
MLE-1392 Stored procedures in pm database, such as pm.install_afile, fail if first master node in analytic cluster is unavailable. Administrator must log into each TPA node using ssh, then change the file /home/tdatuser/.ssh/config to point to another node in analytic cluster.


For "HELP FOREIGN FUNCTION" calls for nPath® and NTree, the following fields are empty:
  • Input Columns
  • Output Columns
  • Function Owner
  • Creation Time
  • Function Version
  • Interfaces Implemented
As db_superuser, use act to provide these grants:
beehive> grant execute on function nc_system.ntree to public;

beehive> grant execute on function nc_system.npath to public;
MLE-2220 PERM space size of Query Level Monitoring (QLM) database is created with 10 Mb for each AMP.

PERM space is full if QLM queries fail with this error:

[Error 2644]: No more room in database td_mle_db.
For information on increasing PERM space or deleting database rows, see KCS020410:
  1. Go to https://access.teradata.com.
  2. Log on.
  3. Search for: KCS020410
MLE-2240 CPUIOWaitCentiseconds collects stats by node, not by pod. CPUIOWaitCentiseconds node is displayed for each pod on which it is deployed. None.
MLE-2363 Some data points for query-level utilization stats are missing from collected data. This happens too rarely to have material impact on collected statistics.
MLE-3031 Some rows in MLE stats table are empty. None.
MLE-3405 ML Engine does not support QueryGrid link names that contain whitespace. Do not use whitespace in names when creating links between ML Engine and other components. Doing so causes error in Failure Detection and Restart capability of ML Engine.
MLE-3491 Remote connector stats handler thread continues to use old connector password. Contact Teradata Customer Support for assistance.
MLE-3838 Time zone may be different on ML Engine analytic nodes and NewSQL Engine. Analytic applications, such as ML Engine, use UTC time zone. NewSQL Engine may have been set to non-UTC time zone. Time zone must match between NewSQL Engine and the analytic applications; otherwise, data transferred between nodes is impacted. Contact Teradata Customer Support for assistance.