17.10 - Dropping Columns from a Normalized Table - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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July 2021
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The following rules and restrictions apply to dropping columns from a normalized table.
  • You can drop any column from a normalized table, including ignore columns.
  • Dropping a normalized Period column also drops the NORMALIZE clause from the table definition.
  • Vantage renormalizes a normalized table if you drop a column that is not specified in the ignore column list from the table or when a column is added to the ignore column list.
  • You can use an ALTER TABLE request to alter the normalize_ignore_columns column list by specifying the DROP NORMALIZE option. This include the complete list - normalize clause and the ignore columns.
  • You cannot add and drop normalization from a table within the same ALTER TABLE request.

For information about adding columns to a normalized table, see Adding Columns to a Normalized Table.