17.10 - Rules and Restrictions for Modifying Data Tables Defined With an Error Table - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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July 2021
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This topic does not apply to the referential integrity error tables described in About Referential Integrity Error Tables for Column-Partitioned Tables.

Several rules apply to altering a table that is associated with an error table. See CREATE ERROR TABLE.

The system maintains the compatibility between data tables and their associated error tables by disallowing any of the operations in the following list when an error table is defined for a data table.
  • You cannot make any of the following changes to a data table definition if the table is associated with an error table.
    • Add a column
    • Drop a column
    • Alter its primary index
    • Change its fallback protection
  • You can modify the partitioning of a partitioned data table that has an associated error table.