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The tables and views that log SQL query data are in the data dictionary. For definitions of the query log tables, see Teradata Vantage™ - Data Dictionary, B035-1092. The following table provides a summary of log tables for tables and views.

Object Type Dictionary Object Name Description
Table DBC.DBQLExplainTbl Stores the unformatted EXPLAIN text for a query.
DBC.DBQLObjTbl Stores query object information.
DBC.DBQLogTbl Stores default rows for the Database Query Log, including Query Band information.
DBC.DBQLRuleCountTbl Stores the cardinality of DBQLRuleTbl.
DBC.DBQLRuleTbl Stores the rules for the Database Query Log.
DBC.DBQLSqlTbl Stores SQL query text.
DBC.DBQLStepTbl Stores query step information.
DBC.DBQLSummaryTbl Stores summary and threshold information for the logged query.
DBC.DBQLXMLLockTbl Logs lock contentions that exceed threshold.
DBC.DBQLXMLTbl Stores the Optimizer query plan for the logged query as an XML document.
View DBC.DBQLRulesV A view of DBC.DBQLRuleTbl.
DBC.QryLockLogXMLV A view of DBC.DBQLXMLLockTbl.
DBC.QryLogExplainV A view of DBQLExplainTbl.
DBC.QryLogObjectsV A view of DBQLObjTbl.
DBC.QryLogSQLV A view of DBQLSQLTbl.
DBC.QryLogStepsV A view of DBQLStepTbl.
DBC.QryLogSummaryV A view of DBQLSummaryTbl.
DBC.QryLogTDWMV A view of DBQLogTbl.
DBC.QryLogV A view of DBC.DBQLogTbl.
DBC.QryLogXMLV A view of DBQLXMLTbl.