17.10 - SQL Procedure Options - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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Advanced SQL Engine
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July 2021
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SQL procedures have 1 user-specified attribute, the source text storage option, as detailed in the following table.

SPL Option Description
SPL Stores the DDL definition source text of the procedure in the dictionary.

SPL is the default option.

NO SPL Does not store the source text of the procedure in the dictionary.

You can specify this option in different ways from the different client utilities and interfaces from which the procedure is created, as described by the following table.

FOR this API … SPECIFY the source text storage options in this way …
BTEQ as a parameter of the COMPILE command.
CLIv2 with the SPOptions parcel using the DBCAREA extension Initiate Request.
ODBC as a parameter specified in different ways depending on the platform.

See the appropriate Teradata Tools and Utilities documents.

The ALTER PROCEDURE NO WARNING option enables suppression of procedure compilation warnings. See ALTER PROCEDURE (SQL Form).