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March 2019
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Programming Reference
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The following points apply to Archive/Recovery utility support for error tables:
  • An all-AMPs or dictionary archive includes all rows in DBC.ErrorTbls.

    Error tables are archived only if they are contained by the database being archived.

  • When a database containing an error table is restored from either a cluster or all-AMPs archive, the corresponding row in DBC.ErrorTbls for the error table is also restored.
  • Table-level archives do not include DBC.ErrorTbls rows.
  • An archived table can be restored only if it has not been dropped. You cannot restore a dropped error table.
  • If an error table has not been dropped, it is represented by a row in DBC.ErrorTbls, so restoring it from an archive does not require its DBC.ErrorTbls row to be restored as well.
  • Using the Archive utility COPY command to copy an error table does not restore its associated DBC.ErrorTbls row.
  • An error table copied using the Archive utility COPY command becomes a regular data table on the target system.

See Teradata® Archive/Recovery Utility Reference, B035-2412 for details about the COPY command.