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March 2019
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Use the following general procedure to isolate problems using error table data:

  1. Query the error table to retrieve information on the errors logged for a user in an error table named ET_t and the DBQL query ID returned in the error or warning message:
    SELECT ETC_ErrorCode, FieldName, ETC_IndexNumber, ETC_IdxErrType
    FROM ET_t, DBC.Tables3VX
    WHERE ETC_DBQL_QID = 123456789012345678
    AND   ETC_TableID = TableID;
  2. Look at each error code and column value related to the error and determine if any action needs to be taken.

The following error table columns are more useful for troubleshooting by Teradata support personnel than for end users:

  • ETC_RowId
  • ETC_ErrSeq