16.20 - Naming Conventions: Avoiding Name Clashes Among UDFs, UDMs, and UDTs - Teradata Database - Teradata Vantage NewSQL Engine

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For UDF, method, and UDT names not to clash, they must observe the following two rules:

  • The following column pair must be unique within the DBC.TVM table:
    • DatabaseID, TVMNameI
  • The signature of the following routine must be unique:
    • database_name.routine_name(parameter_list).

UDFs, methods, and UDTs can have the same SQL names as long as their SPECIFIC names and associated routine signatures are different. In the case of UDTs, the SPECIFIC name reference is to the SPECIFIC names of any method signatures within a UDT definition, not to the UDT itself, which does not have a SPECIFIC name.