16.20 - CREATE PROCEDURE Dictionary Table Actions for Java Procedures - Teradata Database - Teradata Vantage NewSQL Engine

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March 2019
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Programming Reference
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The system performs the following actions on the Java external procedure-specific dictionary tables referenced by the SQLJ database during a CREATE PROCEDURE request.

  1. The uniqueness of the Java procedure to be created is verified based on its name.
  2. The EXTERNAL NAME clause for the Java procedure is then examined to determine the JAR being referenced as its source.

    When the referenced JAR reference has been found, the system searches DBC.Jars for the JAR name specified in the EXTERNAL NAME clause.

  3. The JAR name specified in the EXTERNAL NAME clause must be defined in the database for the CREATE PROCEDURE request to complete successfully.

    If the system does not find the JAR name as an entry in DBC.Jars, the request aborts and returns an error to the requestor.

  4. Once the new Java procedure has been verified, the system adds a row to DBC.Routine_Jar_Usage to indicate that the new Java routine uses the JAR specified in its EXTERNAL NAME clause.