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March 2019
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If an external procedure supports CLIv2 SQL calls, you must indicate that it does so when you specify the package name for the procedure.

IF the external procedure supports the use of SQL calls using this API … THEN you must specify package_name as …
The following rules apply to specifying the CLI package option.
  • You can only specify the CLI package name for external procedures.

    You cannot specify this option when you create UDFs or methods.

  • You can specify the CLI package name only once in an EXTERNAL NAME clause.

    You can also specify other user-defined packages, but not another CLI or other Teradata package option.

  • You must specify this option for each external procedure that uses CLIv2 calls to perform SQL.
  • The system links all CLIv2-based external procedures created in 1 database to the same dynamic library in that database, but they are strictly segregated from the standard external procedure and UDF dynamic libraries in the same database.
  • You must run all CLIv2-based external procedures in EXECUTE PROTECTED mode only.

    CLIv2-based external procedures cannot run in EXECUTE NOT PROTECTED mode, and you cannot use the ALTER PROCEDURE (External Form) statement (see ALTER PROCEDURE (External Form)) to change the protection mode of such a procedure to EXECUTE NOT PROTECTED.