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March 2019
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This clause defines the table column elements.

You must specify a name and data type for each column defined for a table. When you create a table copy using the CREATE TABLE … AS syntax, you either carry over the source table column types by default or specify new column data types using a query expression. Each data type can be further defined with one or more attribute definitions.

You can specify the following optional column attributes:
  • Data type attribute declaration
  • Column nullability
  • Multivalue and algorithmic compression
  • Column storage attributes
  • Output format attributes
  • Default value attributes

    See Teradata Vantage™ Data Types and Literals, B035-1143 for details about the preceding list of attributes.

  • Column constraint attributes
    • PRIMARY KEY constraint definition
    • UNIQUE constraint definition
    • FOREIGN KEY REFERENCES constraint definition
    • CHECK constraint definition
    • Row-level security constraint assignments.

    You can also specify PRIMARY KEY, UNIQUE, FOREIGN KEY, and CHECK constraints as table attributes, but you cannot specify a row-level security constraint as a table attribute.