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March 2019
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A CREATE TABLE statement can define up to 2,048 columns.

A base table can have a maximum of 32 LOB columns. This limit includes both predefined LOB columns and LOB UDT, Period, and Geospatial columns. A LOB UDT column counts as 1 LOB column even if the type is a structured UDT that has multiple LOB, Period, or Geospatial attributes.

BLOB, CLOB, Period, and Geospatial columns cannot be a component of any index. Unless at least 1 non-LOB column is constrained as a PRIMARY KEY or as UNIQUE when a primary index, primary AMP index, or no primary index is not explicitly specified, the first column defined for the table cannot have a BLOB, CLOB, Period, or Geospatial data type. This restriction is enforced because, for this particular set of circumstances, Teradata Database assigns the first column specified in a table definition to be the primary index.