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March 2019
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ANSI SQL defines the following family of SQL-invoked routines:
  • Procedures.
  • User-defined functions.
  • User-defined methods.

The ANSI SQL:2008 standard categorizes these SQL-invoked routines as either external routines or SQL routines.

An external routine is a user-defined function (UDF), method (UDM), or procedure that is written in an external, that is, non-SQL language such as C or C++, while SQL routines are written entirely in the SQL language.

When an external routine associated with a UDT is invoked, the system passes a handle to the UDT argument instead of passing the UDT value. Given the handle, the external routine can either retrieve or set the value of a UDT argument by means of a set of library functions provided by Teradata for this purpose. For more information, see Teradata Vantage™ SQL External Routine Programming , B035-1147 .