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March 2019
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Programming Reference
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Attribute data reported as the result of a HELP request is translated from the data dictionary into the client session character set according to the following general guidelines, except as noted otherwise for individual HELP statements.

Most HELP attribute data is translated by the system from UNICODE into the session character set. For example:

  • Names and lists of names
  • Titles
  • Text fields, for example, Comment
  • Numeric values (translated from binary to UNICODE to the session character set)
  • The Format attribute

For some HELP attribute data the system does not translate from UNICODE:

  • CHARACTER(1) and CHARACTER(2) fields, such as TVM Code or Data Type are translated from CHARACTER SET LATIN into the session character set.
  • Attributes that return one of a fixed group of values, for example State, which returns a value using UTF8(24).
  • Untranslatable character data that is returned as the UEscape character followed by a hex representation.
  • Legacy names that are not changed and remain in the form of their language support mode.