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March 2019
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You can use the SQL Name or SQL Title of an object in an SQL request when you cannot directly use the data dictionary representation because not all characters are available in the session character set.

For example, you can use HELP DATABASE to look in the mydb database for the name of a table you want to drop:

… Table SQL Name U&"table_\4E00_name"
   Table UEscape		 \ 

The SQL Name returned by the HELP DATABASE statement is a UNICODE delimited identifier, which includes an untranslatable character that the system expresses as \4E00.

If you want to use a UNICODE delimited identifier from the SQL Name as part of an SQL request, you must:

  1. Add the closing UEscape clause to the table name taken from the SQL Name field.
  2. Specify the delimiter character ( \ )

For example:

Drop Table U&"table_\4E00_name" UEscape '\';

If the SQL Name is not a UNICODE delimited identifier, you can use the name in an SQL request as it appears in the HELP output, without specifying the UEscape phrase and delimiter.