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March 2019
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Programming Reference
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This statement reports all the user-submitted DDL statements used to create the specified type and define its behavior except CREATE CAST, not just the create text for the specified UDT. To report CREATE CAST DDL, you must use the SHOW CAST statement.

For ARRAY and VARRAY types, SHOW TYPE reports the most recent SQL create text for the ARRAY type in standard Teradata syntax, using the ARRAY keyword. The ordering and transform functionality for the ARRAY type are not be reported, because it is system-generated and there is no create text to return.

The report includes information about the following related DDL statements for the type and its supporting semantics including the create text for the following definitions:


SHOW TYPE does not return the create text for any of the system-generated orderings, or transforms for a distinct type because no CREATE ORDERING or CREATE TRANSFORM statements were performed to create them. As a result, there is no create text that can be reported for system-generated casts, orderings, or transforms.

Because the specification of user-defined casts is optional, there might not be a cast definition for a given UDT. In this case, Teradata Database returns a “No rows returned” message to the requestor indicating that no casts have been defined for the specified UDT.