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January 2021
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Starts an explicit concurrent isolated load operation on a load isolated (LDI) table. You can perform concurrent read operations on committed rows while the table is being loaded.

After you perform the BEGIN ISOLATED LOADING statement, you must use SET QUERY_BAND to set the LDILoadGroup reserved query band to the load group value for the session before you can begin a load operation. See LDILoadGroup Query Band.

A load isolated table can either be in an explicit load state or implicit load state, but not both. After the explicit load starts, multiple sessions can load the table. Any session performing a load on the table is considered a load session. The table remains in a pending commit state until the load is committed. The table continues to be in load state until you perform an END ISOLATED LOADING statement.

For information on creating a load isolated table, see the CREATE TABLE option, WITH ISOLATED LOADING. You can also alter a table to specify the load isolation option. See the ALTER TABLE option, WITH ISOLATED LOADING.

Required Privileges

You must have the INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE privilege on the base LDI table.