17.05 - Example: HELP SESSION for a KanjiEBCDIC user - Advanced SQL Engine - Teradata Database

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Advanced SQL Engine
Teradata Database
Release Number
January 2021
English (United States)
Last Update

A KanjiEBCDIC user issues a HELP SESSION request having an export width of the expected defaults. The HELP SESSION request was entered using BTEQ with the SIDETITLES and FOLDLINE formatting options.

The system reports the following information.

            User Name KANJI_USER
                 Account Name KANJI_USER
                   Logon Date 02/05/23
                   Logon Time 11:43:09
             Current Database KANJI_USER
                    Collation CHARSET_COLL
                Character Set KANJIEBCDIC5035_0I
        Transaction Semantics Teradata
             Current DateForm ANSI
            Session Time Zone -09:00
       Default Character Type UNICODE
                 Export Latin 1
               Export Unicode 2
      Export Unicode Adjusted 2
             Export KanjiSJIS 1
               Export Graphic 2
 Export Width Rules 1112211111222232222211121111112222322222
          Default Date Format YYYY\u5E74MM\u6708DD\u65E5
              Radix Separator .
              Group Separator ,
                Grouping Rule 3
     Currency Radix Separator .
     Currency Group Separator ,
       Currency Grouping Rule 3
                Currency Name Yen
                     Currency \u00A5
                  ISOCurrency JPY
           Dual Currency Name Yen
                Dual Currency \u00A5
             Dual ISOCurrency JPY
       Default ByteInt format -(3)9
       Default Integer format G-(I)9
      Default SmallInt format G-(I)9
       Default Numeric format G--(I)D9(F)
          Default Real format G-9D99999999999999E-999
          Default Time format HH\u6642MI\u5206SSDS(F)\u79D2Z
   Default Timestamp format YYYY\u5E74MM\u6708DD\u65E5BHH\u6642MI\u5206SSDS(F)\u79D22Z
                 Current Role Finance
                Logon Account KANJI_USER
                      Profile Human_Resources
                         LDAP N
               Audit Trail ID ?
                   Proxy User ?
                   Proxy Role ?
      Current Isolation Level SR
        Default BigInt format -(19)9
                    QueryBand =S> JOB=RPT1;ORG=world;
              Constraint1Name ?
             Constraint1Value ?
           Temporal Qualifier CURRENT VALIDTIME AND CURRENT
                Calendar Name ISO
        Redrive Participation