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January 2021
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The following shows a sample output display for HELP COLUMN on the table defined by the following CREATE TABLE statement.

     CREATE TABLE table_1 (
       column_2 INTEGER CHECK (column_2>0) CHECK (column_2<100));
     HELP COLUMN table_1.column_2;
 Column Name column_2
Type I
Nullable Y
Format -(10)9
 Max Length 4
Decimal Total Digits ?
Decimal Fractional Digits ?
Range Low ?
Range High ?
Uppercase N
Table/View? T
Indexed? N
Unique? ?
Primary? ?
Title ?
Column Constraint CHECK ((column_2>0) AND (column_2<100))
Char Type ?
IdCol Type ?
UDT Name ?
Temporal Column N
Current ValidTime Unique ?
Sequenced ValidTime Unique ?
NonSequenced ValidTime Unique ?
Current TransactionTime Unique ?
Partitioning Column N
Column Partition Number 0
Column Partition Format NA
Column Partition AC NA
Security Constraint N
Derived_UDT ?
Derived_UDTFieldID ?
Column Dictionary Name column_2
Column SQL Name column_2
Column Name UEscape ?
Dictionary Title ?
SQL Title ?
Title UEscape ?
UDT Database Dictionary Name ?
UDT Database SQL Name ?
UDT Database Name UEscape ?
UDT Dictionary Name ?
UDT SQL Name ?
UDT Name UEscape ?
Without Overlaps Unique ?
Storage Format ?

In BTEQ, a question mark (?) character indicates a null value.