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Advanced SQL Engine
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January 2021
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Creates a profile that defines a set of parameters. You can then assign the profile to multiple users.

Because profiles exist in system space rather than in user or database space, profiles are not part of the database ownership hierarchy.

The value for a profile attribute supersedes any corresponding values specified in global defaults or in the user definitions of profile member users.

ANSI Compliance

This statement is a Teradata extension to the ANSI SQL:2011 standard.

Required Privileges

To use CREATE PROFILE, you must have the CREATE PROFILE privilege.

To assign a row-level security constraint to a profile, you must have the CONSTRAINT ASSIGNMENT privilege.

New users do not implicitly have the CREATE PROFILE privilege. User DBC or a user who has the CREATE PROFILE privilege WITH GRANT OPTION can grant this privilege to another user.

Privileges Granted Automatically