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March 2019
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Dropping an active profile may have undesirable effects on profile member users. Teradata recommends that you use assign a new profile to the affected users before dropping their current profile. See MODIFY USER.

If you drop an active profile:
  • Profile members continue to have the profile defined in their user definitions. If you later recreate a profile with the same name, the profile is again active for profile members.
  • Space, account, and default database settings for the dropped profile immediately default to the corresponding settings in the user definition. If the user definition does not have a specific setting, the setting for the owning database or user becomes the default.
  • Password control attributes default to the corresponding global settings defined in DBC.SysSecDefaults.
  • If you drop a profile used to assign security policy, the policy no longer applies to profile member users. For information on how to assign security policy to database profile objects in a directory, see Teradata Vantage™ NewSQL Engine Security Administration, B035-1100.