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Advanced SQL Engine
Teradata Database
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September 2020
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This example illustrates a SHOW JOIN INDEX statement for the join index ord_cust_idx.

     SHOW JOIN INDEX ord_cust_idx;
The statement reports the DDL for the join index:
     CREATE JOIN INDEX YourDB.ord_cust_idx ,NO FALLBACK 
,CHECKSUM = DEFAULT, MAP = SmallTableMap COLOCATE USING YourDB_ord_cust_idx AS 
SELECT (YourDB.orders.o_custkey ,YourDB.customer.c_name )
,(YourDB.orders.o_status ,
YourDB.orders.o_date ,YourDB.orders.o_comment )
 FROM YourDB.orders ,YourDB.customer 
WHERE YourDB.orders.o_custkey =  YourDB.customer.c_custkey 
PRIMARY INDEX ( o_custkey )